Thus, differences in these variables can be taken into account an

Thus, differences in these variables can be taken into account and this is normally not possible in selleck kinase inhibitor RCTs. The primary outcome is cognitive decline measured by a sensitive Neuropsychological Test Battery and the Stroop and Trail-making tests, which can depict early cognitive impairment typical for AD and vascular dementia (VaD). The planned 7-year extended follow-up will allow detection of differences in dementia/AD incidence. MAPT ( identifier NCT00672685) is a French multicenter RCT evaluating the efficacy of isolated supplementation with ??-3 fatty acid, isolated multidomain intervention, or their combination in the prevention of cognitive decline in frail individuals who are at least 70 years old.

One thousand six hundred eighty community-dwelling participants have been enrolled by using a frailty definition that includes three components: presence of memory complaints, limitation in one instrumental activity of daily living, and slow walking speed. The 3-year multidomain intervention consists of group training sessions (physical exercise, cognitive training, and nutritional advice) and yearly personalized preventive consultations that aim to identify dementia and frailty risk factors (vascular risk factors, nutritional problems, sensory deficits, mood disorders, and walking difficulties) and promote their management in collaboration with the general practitioner. Follow-up is 5 years, and the main outcome measure is the 3-year change in cognitive function assessed with a neuropsychological test (Grober and Buschke) [48,50]. The PreDIVA study (Controlled-Trials.

com identifier ISRCTN29711771) is a Dutch multicenter, open, cluster RCT comparing standard and intensive care of cardiovascular risk factors in preventing dementia and disability in older people. The study includes 3,534 communitydwellers who are 70 to 78 years old and who were recruited from primary care practices. The standard care is based on guidelines for Dutch general practice, whereas the multicomponent intensive vascular care addresses hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, smoking habits, excessive weight, physical inactivity, and diabetes mellitus, which are strictly controlled with medication and lifestyle interventions. Study duration is 6 years, and primary Drug_discovery outcomes are biological activity incident dementia assessed according to standard criteria and disability as measured with the Academic Medical Center Linear Disability Scale [49]. Researchers involved in these large European trials (FINGER, MAPT, and PreDIVA) recently started the European Dementia Prevention Initiative (EDPI), an international collaboration to improve preventive strategies against dementia [51].

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