The remaining genes were

The remaining genes were 17-AAG clinical trial then subjected to a one way ANOVA analy sis. The resulting gene lists not only contained a signifi cant number of genes that overlapped with the one generated by the aforementioned analysis with no pre filtering, but it also contained a significant number of genes missed in the initial analysis without the pre fil tering step. These additional positive Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries genes were then combined with the genes derived from the initial analy sis without pre filtering. Less stringent 1. 2 fold change gene lists were used for functional analyses and more stringent 1. 5 fold change gene lists were used to analyze transcription factor binding sites. For example, in the cerebral cortex, the analysis of HP samples using pre filtering indicated that the expression of 831 genes changed during the time course.

this set of genes included 94. 4% of the 531 genes generated by the same analysis without pre filtering. The additional Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries 339 genes in the pre filtering analysis were added to the initial 531 genes, resulting in the final list of 860 genes. However, if a 1. 5 fold change cut off was used, a total of 503 genes were identified as HP regulated genes in the cerebral cortex. Functional Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries Analysis Genes that met statistical criteria were analyzed using Ingenuity Pathways Analysis to explore molecular functions, signaling pathways and interaction networks. These analyses identified the most statistically significant biological functions or canonical pathways in the data set. Fischers exact test was used to calculate a p value describing the probability that a given biological func tion or canonical pathway was assigned to that data set due to chance alone.

An interaction network is a graphi cal representation of the molecular relationships between genes and gene products. Gene products are represented as nodes, and the biological relationship between two nodes is represented as a line that is sup ported by at least one reference from the Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries literature. The in situ hybridization data for HNF4A mRNA expression in cerebellum Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries were obtained from the Allen Brain Atlas, a genome wide image database of gene expression in the brain of 8 week old C57BL 6J mice. Non radioactive digoxi genin labeled HNF4A riboprobes were synthesized and hybridized to HNF4A mRNA in brain tissue sections. Detailed methods can be found in the reference for the Allen Brain Atlas.

Promoter Prediction and Analysis Transcription factor binding site analysis sellekchem of the promoter sequences was carried out in GEMS Software. GEMS provides genome annotation, promoter sequence retrieval, a search engine for transcription factor binding sites, and a tran scription factor knowledge base. Promoter sequences were extracted from 500 bp upstream and 100 bp downstream of the transcription start site of genes of interest.

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