5 ml RPMI medium, and then the cells were transferred to 4-mm BTX

5 ml RPMI medium, and then the cells were transferred to 4-mm BTX cuvettes and pulsed at 500 V for 2 ms. After electroporation, the cells were diluted in 2.5 ml of prewarmed medium, and incubated at 37 °C in 5% CO2. Gal-3 expression was assayed with

Western blots 18 h post-transfection time. The target sequences of the used siRNA are the following: siRNA-1 5′-GCUCCAUGAUGCGUUAUCU-3′; siRNA-2 5′-GAGAGUCAUUGUUUGCAAU-3′; siRNA-3 5′-GUCUGGGCAUUCUGAUGUU-3′; Control siRNA 5′-UUGAUGUGUUUAGUCGCUA-3′. Total RNA was isolated from MSC using TRIzol reagent buy CB-839 (Invitrogen) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Complementary DNA was synthesized from 5 μg of total RNA using the first-strand cDNA synthesis kit and oligo-dT primer in 15 μl volume according to manufacturer’s (GE Healthcare). PCR was conducted in 50 μl on 1/30 on the cDNA using 2.5 units

of Tap polymerase. RT-PCR products were separated on 1.5% agarose gels, visualized by staining with SYBR® safe DNA gel stain (Invitrogen) and photographed using the 2UV Transilluminator BioDoc-ItTM Imaging system (AH diadognostic). The following primers were used to amplify the investigated genes: NOD-1 forward, 5′-GTACGTCACCAAAATCCTGGA-3′; reverse, 5′-CAGTCCCCTTAGCTGTGATC-3′; NOD-2 CP-690550 ic50 forward,5′-CTGGCAAAGAACGTCATGCTA-3′; reverse, 5′-CCTGGGATTGAATCTTGGGAA-3′; VEGFA forward, 5′-GAGGAGGAAGAAGAGAAGGAAG-3′; reverse, 5′-TTGGCATGGTGGAGGTAGAG-3′; GAL-3 forward, 5′-CTGAGTAGCGGGAAGTGCGGTA-3′; reverse, 5′-CAGGCCATCCTTGAGGGTTTGG-3′; EPHB-1* forward, 5′-CAGGAAACGGGCTTATAGCA-3′; reverse, 5′-CTCAGCCAGGTACTTCATGC-3′; Gal-3* forward 5′-CTTCCCCTTGATCAGCTCCA-3′; reverse, 5′-CTGGGCCTTTTGGTGAAAGG-3; VEGFA* forward 5′-CTCGGGCCGGGGAGGAAGA-3 reverse 5′- GCAGGGCACGACCGCTTACC-3 SQSTM* (P62) forward, 5′-CTCTGGCGGAGCAGATGAGGA-3′; reverse, 5′-CCAGCCGCCTTCATCAGAGA-3′; NOTCH-1* forward, 5′-AGCTCGTCCCCGCATTCCAA-3′; reverse,

Methane monooxygenase 5′-AGGCAGGTGATGCTGGTGGA-3′; CXCL-10* forward, 5′-CAAGCCAATTTTGTCCACGT-3′; reverse, 5′-GTAGGGAAGTGATGGGAGAG-3′; DGCR-8* forward, 5′-TCATGCATCGTGCACCACAG-3′; reverse, 5′-CTGCACCACTGTCCACAGTC-3′; IRAK-2*, forward 5′-GGCCCCAGCGTGTCAGCATC-3 reverse 5′-AGCTGCCCCACCCGGATGAA-3 TRAF-7*, forward 5′-GCGGTGTCCCAACAACCCCA-3 reverse, 5′-AGCGGTCATCCGTCTGCTGC-3 β actin forward, 5′-ATCTGGCACCACACCTTCTAC-3′; reverse, 5′-CGTCATACTCCTGCTTGCTGATC-3′. In addition to standard RT-PCR, gene expression was analysed by real-time RT-PCR using specific primers for the selected genes and SYBR Green PCR Master Mix (Applied Biosystems). For each sample, comparative threshold (Ct) difference between control and treated cells were calculated. The fold difference for each gene was calculated using the delta-delta Ct method [17]. Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) was used as an internal reference gene. Primers indicated with asterisks were used in real-time RT-PCR. Statistical significance was determined by a two-tailed unpaired Student’s t-test. P values of <0.

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